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Local Clockmaking Courses


Phillip J Gale FBHI



  • Horological Training S W was originally created to help students gain practical skills to assist them with the BHI Distance Learning Courses.  The workshop is run by Phillip J Gale FBHI and is situated in the heart of the Cornish countryside not far from the main trunk road (A30) through Cornwall.

  • The workshop is only able to accommodate a maximum of two students at any one time therefore tuition is virtually on a one to one basis.

  • Beginners and more Mature students in horology are invited to apply.  There will be no set titles for the courses and they can be designed to fit in with students individual requirements.

  • Courses will be held on a Saturday/Sunday only and can be for 1 or 2 days.

  • The Platform escapement course that I run is for more advanced students and will cover 4 days over 2 weekends


£220 per day for one to one tuition (2 student price reduced to £180 each per day). 

A 2 day course over a weekend is £420 per person (Recommended).

The platform escapement course is £580 per person

These prices include a light lunch.

B & B can be provided for £30.00 per night

For weekend courses a 25% deposit will be required

Further information

Contact Phil at:     Phillipgale47@gmail.com ,  or

Telephone on         07551 588538 or 01208 77191


Watch and/or Clock Courses at the British Horological Institute, Upton Hall, NG23 5TE

BHI Courses Programme www.bhi.co.uk/courses

Short courses are conducted at Upton Hall, where there are well-equipped clock and watch workshops. The BHI can offer the option of residential facilities and many students enjoy the added opportunity to socialise with like-minded people after each day's learning. The courses last from 1 to 5 days and cover both basic and advanced topics.


Watch Courses in Bristol

Owen Gilchrist Hon MBHI

Individual Watch Tutoring

  • Come and learn a new skill or advance your watch skills with a qualified watch repairer, who will tailor every course to your individual needs.

  • The course cover both basic and more advanced elements of watch repairing and provides a good opportunity to gain experience in practical watch work.

  • Ideal for gaining some practical skills if you are working on a distance learning course

  • Practical bench-work tutorials cover good quality watches such as Unitas ETA large and small, mechanical, automatic or quartz.

  • Prices vary depending on individual needs.

Contact: Owen Gilchrist Watch Repairing Training

07804 816724 or by email oegwatchrepairer@talktalk.net


For Eternal Tools' list of 30
Clock and Watchmaking Schools around the world

Click Here and scroll down to the UK section

Assistance with costs

The Westcountry Horological Trust is anxious to assist those in the south-west who do, or will, carry out repairs and restorations for the public and who may have difficulty in financing the costs of improving their skills.

Please click on the 'Trust Fund' box in the left margin for further details.