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* Watch and Clock Courses at BHI Upton Hall

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Watch and/or Clock Courses at the British Horological Institute, Upton Hall, NG23 5TE

BHI Courses Programme www.bhi.co.uk/courses

Short courses are conducted at Upton Hall, where there are well-equipped clock and watch workshops. The BHI can offer the option of residential facilities and many students enjoy the added opportunity to socialise with like-minded people after each day's learning. The courses last from 1 to 5 days and cover both basic and advanced topics.

For Eternal Tools' list of 30
Clock and Watchmaking Schools around the world

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Assistance with costs

The Westcountry Horological Trust is anxious to assist those in the south-west who do, or will, carry out repairs and restorations for the public and who may have difficulty in financing the costs of improving their skills.

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